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Interview with Sébastien Lacaze, CEO and co-founder of Eliis, on BFM TV

Interview with Sébastien Lacaze, CEO and co-founder of Eliis, on BFM TV

(Re)Discover on replay the interview of Sébastien Lacaze, CEO and co-founder of Eliis, Elite Image Software. The journalist Vincent Touraine questions him about the company's main business lines and its prospects in the program "Focus PME" on BFM TV. A great opportunity for the CEO to talk about the challenges to come: CO2 storage, geothermal energy, natural hydrogen exploration...

The role of the geosciences in the energy and ecological transition is taking on considerable importance today. “Low-carbon” solutions are becoming essential and geologists are adding key contribution to shape these solutions. 

Faced with the programmed and progressive decline of fossil fuels, geosciences will play a fundamental role in the years to come in deploying its knowledge and engineering in collaborative manner to:

Mitigate the effects of CO2 emissions by identifying natural storage reservoirs;

Optimize the exploration of locally produced natural hydrogen without CO2 emissions;

Exploit deep geothermal energy to produce electricity and power heating systems;

Participating in research on the storage of nuclear waste;

Exploring key critical elements resources, which is essential in the design of technological tools;

Optimizing the reasoned and secure use of deposits and reservoirs.

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Since 2007, Eliis has continued to grow. It currently has five subsidiaries and some sixty employees in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. Its seismic interpretation software, PaleoScan, and the quality of its geological expertise, offer very interesting prospects for meeting the challenges of climate change.

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