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PaleoScan™ Overview

PaleoScan is a seismic interpretation software based on a semi-automated approach that produces chrono-stratigraphically consistent geological models. This unique technology, patented in 2009, allows our clients to accelerate their seismic interpretation cycle, scan the subsurface in real time to focus on high potential areas and identify hydrocarbon accumulation or CO2 storage areas... Another significant advantage of PaleoScan is its ability to produce a 3D geological model of the entire seismic cube, which allows the visualization and interpretation of the geological reservoirs as well as the overlying layers up to the seabed, in order to establish a reliable ranking of the storage reservoirs, taking into consideration the risks inherent to gas injection.

Why choose PaleoScan™ ?

At the confluence of powerful algorithms, computational power and data analysis, our revolutionary technology pushes your seismic interpretation to an unprecedented level. We can deliver a substantial qualitative and quantitative change to E&P businesses by creating new opportunities for energy supply enhancement, reducing risk and making timely and enlightened decisions.


Stay ahead of the curve with our new generation of 2D/3D seismic interpretation platforms!

Strengthen your seismic interpretation potential, integrate all available data and develop your creativity.

Running on Windows®, our platform offers a great panel of E&P workflows from basin-scale evaluation to prospect maturation. It includes our first-class automated horizon tracking step and the associated supervised Relative Geological Time model, and our fully automated fault extraction tool … just to quote a few!

Our intuitive interface coupled with an embedded cross-correlation tool dramatically increases your screening capacity, enables better predictions, and triggers early stage sweet spotting. In addition, powerful editing and visualizing tools help to refine the interpretation and perform real-time preview on the iterative Relative Geological Time model creation process.

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