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Our multidisciplinary and integrated team tackles old and new challenges that energy providers face in a constantly evolving world by bringing suitable and low-cost solutions to each arising situation. 

Future energy demand for warmth, light, and power will be met by fossil fuels extraction and – more and more - by developing alternative technologies for new energies empowerment.

The road to discover, produce and optimize fossil and renewable energies are paved with challenges and opportunities that we are ready to embrace! Do you want to be part of this great adventure and join a dynamic, enthusiastic, multidisciplinary, and cross-cultural team of passionate people? 

Don’t wait anymore, join us!

Grow stronger, Grow smarter, Grow cleaner!

We are a team of multicultural employees dispatched all over the world. Our Montpellier headquarter hosts 29 members while 23 of us are scattered around the world in between 4 subsidiaries: USA (Houston), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Australia (Perth). 

As part of our company transformation, growth and openness to new markets, we are looking for new talents!

If you are creative, open, adventurous and willing to join, please apply to our job openings or get in touch!

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Stay connected !