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Support Services

Eliis delivers to its customers the highest quality technical support in the industry. Our best and brightest support teams based in Montpellier (France), Houston (Texas, USA), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Perth (Australia) deliver a high quality support by answering your questions and resolving your tickets in a timely manner.

It is part of our DNA to work closely with our customers, listen to their needs and figure out what challenges they are actually going through. This allows us to offer better targeted and tailor-made solutions.

An introduction to PaleoScan™ technology can be provided in combination with a consultancy service performed on your dataset. PaleoScan’s technical support is included in the Maintenance & Support fees for perpetual licenses as well as during evaluation process and rental period.

Support levels

The technical support takes different forms:

  • Eliis technical support experts are resolving bugs, crashes and ensure IT support.
  • Our PaleoScan™ consultants also deliver the best guidance from basic to advanced tools. Depending on your needs, the consultants can help you optimize your parameters/results and perform project management.
  • They can also guide you through the most advanced workflows on your own project dataset to make the most out of PaleoScan™ greater functionalities.

Technical support can be conducted by phone, email or online sessions.

If you need to contact Support, please email us at support@eliis.fr. You will shortly be invited to a Teams remote session by our technical support experts to assist you with your queries.

Mentoring/onsite support:

Struggling with your projects or PaleoScan™ tools/workflows? Our technical team can visit your facilities to organize a 1 to 1 support session.

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Stay connected !