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About us | Eliis

Founded in 2007, Eliis designs and delivers innovative software solutions to the Energy industry for a better understanding of the subsurface.

Our team of geologists, geophysicists, signal processing and computer engineers has developed PaleoScan™, a next generation of geoscience software, which pushes the analysis of seismic images in 2D and 3D to an unprecedented level of geological expertise.

Our mission is to combine artificial and human intelligences, bringing together the automation provided by a modern software and the expertise of geoscientists. That synergy enables the creation of geological models of unmatched resolution directly from the seismic data. Thanks to our technology and methodology, the interpretation cycles are drastically reduced and the capacity to detect and accurately characterize geological reservoirs is greatly augmented.

A Proactive, Data-driven and Innovative team !

Looking ahead

Over the years, Eliis has become an internationally recognized provider of subsurface geoscience solutions. Its technology, know-how and services are used around the world in many areas, from the exploration and production of fossil fuel energy, to renewable energy, like geothermal, and the strategic storage of hydrogen. Eliis’ disruptive technology, used for the detection and characterization of geological reservoirs, is a key asset for stakeholders in limiting environmental risks and offering sustainable energy solutions.

Today, Eliis has a global footprint with offices in the main regions of the world and is broadening its scope to new markets by adding value to the whole geoscience realm.
Eliis’ success is based upon the high added value of its software PaleoScan™, cutting-edge expertise and close connections with clients and partners. Eliis is becoming an actor in the ecological transition offering solutions to the challenges of a sustainable future, gradually shifting from oil and gas exploration to geothermal energy, carbon sequestration and storage and disposal of nuclear waste.

About us | Eliis
About us | Eliis
We offer tailor-made training, support and consulting services.
Team-up with the geo-experts from our Geoservices department and let us help you to move your business to the next level !
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SINCE 2007
<bleu>Online Support</bleu> with software update
Online Support with software update
<bleu>Online Support</bleu> with software update
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<bleu>Online Support</bleu> with software update
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From finely refined geological understanding comes great opportunities

  • Identifying sweetspots at early stage
  • Enhancing reservoir model
  • Fast-tracking the decision making process by a rapid and accurate geological assessment
  • Minimizing risk in drilling decisions

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Stay connected !