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Adapting conventional E&P workflows to scale up hydrogen and helium exploration

M-A Dupont, E. Baudia, N. Daynac, Eliis, 2022. GeoExpro, isuue 5, 2022.


Implementation of cloud-ready technology designed to address longstanding data interoperability and accessibility issues through the use of a comprehensive semi-automated seismic interpretation workflow

Marion Barré*, Stuart Walley, Vianney Savajol, Eliis; Jie Deng, Christine Rhodes, AWS; Aurelien van Welden, Paul Endresen, Marius Storm-Olsen, Andy James, Bluware, 2022. SEG-AAPG IMAGE 2022, Extended Abstract, Houston, Texas, USA.


Enhancing geological features delineation by combining a relative geological time model with the matching pursuit spectral decomposition

F. Cubizolle*, B. Durot and L. Evano, Eliis, 2022. SEG-AAPG IMAGE 2022, Houston, Texas, USA.


Methods for multi-horizon driven waveform classification

J. Razza, F.Cubizolle and L. Evano, 2022. 83rd EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2022, Extended Abstract, Madrid, Spain.


Multichannel Spectral Decomposition using Matching Pursuit Steered by a Relative Geological Time Model

 L. Evano, F. Cubizolle and J. Razza, 2022. 83rd EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2022, Extended Abstract, Madrid, Spain.


Advanced Technologies for Seismic Imaging and Interpretation

Oil & Gas Innovation Journal, Spring 2022.


Seismic stratigraphic analysis of Tumbes-Progreso basin (NW Peru) and E&P implications

M. Oviedo, V. Carlotto, D.G. Poiré, L. Gicquel and F. Lafferrière, 2022. ICE AAPG International Conference and Exhibition 2022, Cartagena, Bolivar, Colombia.


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