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Eliis and Chevron Collaborate to Revolutionize AI in Seismic Interpretation

Eliis and Chevron Collaborate to Revolutionize AI in Seismic Interpretation

Montpellier, France, March 25, 2024    Eliis SAS (Eliis) today announced that it has entered into a collaboration agreement with Chevron Corporation (NYSE: CVX) to develop and commercialize Advanced Artificial-Intelligence (AI) Algorithms for seismic interpretation, subsurface characterization , and modeling.

Chevron, with a long history of innovating and years of experience in deploying high-performance computing and data science solutions at enterprise-scale, has leveraged its expertise in hydrocarbon exploration and production to develop advanced artificial-intelligence algorithms for seismic interpretation, subsurface characterization, and modeling. 

Eliis, a leading technology innovator, who pioneered 'global' methods for automated advanced seismic interpretation over the last decade, has many years of experience in developing and deploying commercial software solutions at enterprise-scale. PaleoScan™, a geoscientific interpretation platform that enables faster end-to-end geophysical and geological interpretation workflows, has in-built access to advanced algorithms for the seamless management, visualization, and analysis of subsurface data.

By combining Chevron's artificial-intelligence models for automated fault detection, with Eliis's global methods for advanced seismic interpretation, the time needed to perform structural interpretation, in all geological settings, can be reduced by orders of magnitude. This technology enables large-scale geological models to be built with an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy. The partnership provides an opportunity for Chevron to integrate its artificial-intelligence technology into a market-leading geoscientific interpretation platform. Additionally, it allows Eliis to offer its customers a unique opportunity to benefit from both Chevron's advances in AI and their enhanced interpretation workflows.

“Combining cutting-edge AI technology, developed and tested by Chevron, with the power of automation in PaleoScan™, will offer a complete robust solution to the market for advanced seismic and geological interpretation This could potentially pave the way for a complete automated workflow from seismic to simulation” said Francois Laferriere, Eliis's Chief Revenue Officer, who has been instrumental in establishing this partnership. “Solutions like this are also crucial for carbon sequestration studies, where comprehensive fault interpretation is a requirement to fully assess a potential storage site's seal integrity and any associated risk of CO2 breaching to surface through conductive faults. Our combined approach ensures a level of detail and rigor that could help enable future project success.”

Laurent Souche, Eliis's Product Manager added, “with this collaboration Eliis's customers will have a unique opportunity to utilize Chevron's enhanced interpretation workflows, as we integrate their advanced artificial intelligence algorithms into our market-leading seismic interpretation platform. This joint effort exemplifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, offering our customers unparalleled efficiency and unique insight in addressing subsurface challenges."

Regarding future advances in this field and the implementation of artificial intelligence, Mr. Lafferriere offered a final comment "in the field of geosciences, Eliis views artificial-intelligence outcomes not as ultimate end-products, but more as enabling technologies that have to be seamlessly integrated into a wider scientific workflow, that includes the ability to perform quality control (QC) and refinement, to ensure that geoscientists remain in control throughout the entire interpretive process."

Image caption: An AI-assisted PaleoScan™, using Chevron's artificial intelligence models for automated fault extraction, will enable large-scale geological models to be built with an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy, significantly reducing the time required to perform structural interpretation in all geological settings by orders of magnitude.  © Eliis 2024.

About Chevron

Chevron (NYSE: CVX) is one of the world's leading integrated energy companies. We believe affordable, reliable, and ever-cleaner energy is essential to achieving a more prosperous and sustainable world. Chevron produces crude oil and natural gas; manufactures transportation fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals, and additives; and develops technologies that enhance our business and the industry. We are focused on lowering the carbon intensity in our operations and growing lower carbon businesses along with our traditional business lines. More information about Chevron is available at  www.chevron.com .

About Eliis

Eliis provides competitive and integrated seismic interpretation software that enables energy companies to achieve successful subsurface investigations, create new opportunities for energy supply improvement and de-risk the decision-making process. PaleoScan™'s cutting-edge technology, used for the detection and characterization of geological reservoirs at unprecedented level, is a key asset for accelerating E&P workflows and limiting environmental risk. Our mission is to provide sustainable and affordable subsurface energy solutions to cover the world's ever-growing energy demand. More information about Eliis is available at  www.eliis-geo.com .

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