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Eliis offers solutions to analyze, characterize and model, from 2D and 3D seismic images, the different subsurface layers. The rigorous study of geological strata promotes the high-resolution detection of fossil reservoirs.

Over the years, Eliis has grown to become a world-renowned within the applied geophysics field and is now developing its competences in deep faults exploration for low-carbon new energy exploration such as geothermal energy and underground storage. 

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Innovative Technology

We design and deliver to the energy industry innovative software solutions in seismic interpretation. We bring comprehensive approaches to push back the limits of interpretation and to help geoscientists better understand the geology of their seismic dataset.

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Comprehensive Approach

With PaleoScan™, the earth model is built while interpreting the seismic volume in a fully integrated 3D environment. It offers a complete range of tools and applications to work at exploration or development scale with an unprecedented level of resolution. Result are used for stratigraphic, structural and quantitative interpretation, from exploration to reservoir characterization.

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Excellent Support

Our Geoscience and IT teams based in Montpellier, France and in Houston, Texas have an extensive experience in seismic interpretation in various regions of the world. They respond quickly to all requests and provide a full assistance for every software and patch release. They are also available for on-site support and consulting services.

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