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10 facts to know about Najeehah

10 facts to know about Najeehah

1. Early Life

I was born in Sarawak, Malaysia. I grew up in various parts of the world so my childhood has been fond memories of living here and there. 

2. Current Location

I currently live in a small town in Selangor. What I like most about this town is the fact that I am not too far away from the busy city and yet still so close to a quiet and peaceful residential area. 

3. Education

I completed my Bachelors degree in geology from University of Liverpool, United Kingdom. Being given the opportunity to study in Liverpool has me making friends from various parts of the world. Not to mention being able to go on fieldworks allows me to observe fascinating outcrops all around UK. 

4 . Early Professional Life

I was fortunate enough to kickstart my career with Eliis in the Kuala Lumpur office! It has been a wonderful journey thus far and I am looking forward to grow tremendously within the Eliis family! 


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

5. Eliis Life 

I joined Eliis during early 2020 as a geoscientist. The best thing about my job is that I’m able to apply first hand on the things that I have learnt during my studies. Having to correlate both the geology and geophysics background has been interesting and I have yet to learn more!

6. What is your super power?

People often say I’m a good listener so I’m always there to lend an ear or even a helping hand!

7. What great challenge did you overcome in your life?

I had to spend most of my time far away from home. Having to attend a boarding school and spending my uni days in a foreign country has its own hardships that I believe made the person I am today. Although the journey itself was undeniably exciting, I can still recall a few bittersweet memories which challenged my adaptability skills. 

8. What is your main hobby?

I always like to find the time to play sports especially badminton with my friends. Besides that, I also like to cook up something in the kitchen that I may have longed to make. The food that I make don’t always come out right on the first go, so having to perfect some of them has been tiresome but eventually rewarding. 

9. What is your motto?

If you get tired, learn to rest not to quit!

10. Fun fact

I have travelled quite a lot due to the nature of my father’s work. My favourite one would be growing up in Bahrain because of the friends I’d made during the time!

Najeehah is also featured in our Coporate movie here: Who we are.

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