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Advanced Geometric Attributes with PaleoScan™: Shape Index

Advanced Geometric Attributes with PaleoScan™: Shape Index
Thursday 18 July, 2024
1pm - 2pm US Central Daylight Time

Join our webinar on using seismic geometric attributes with PaleoScan™, where you'll gain valuable insights into maximizing the information derived from your seismic volumes through the use of advanced attributes.

Understanding that not all attributes are created equal and that they do not all utilize seismic amplitude as their input is crucial for accurate interpretation. This session will delve into the computations that leverage the Relative Geological Time model as input, providing a more nuanced understanding of subsurface features.

Special emphasis will be placed on the Shape Index attribute, highlighting its significance and application in complex geological settings. Through detailed explanations and practical demonstrations, you will learn how to effectively apply these attributes to enhance your seismic interpretation and make more informed geological assessments.

This webinar will be presented in English by Senior Geoscientist Alfredo Fernandez from our team in Houston.



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