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Eliis Secures Investment from Vespa Capital, Enhancing Global Operations

Eliis Secures Investment from Vespa Capital, Enhancing Global Operations

Montpellier, France, May 13, 2024 — Eliis, a leader in seismic interpretation technology, announced today a transformative development in its shareholding structure, strengthened by the endorsement of Vespa Capital, an independent investment fund based in France.

The strategic partnership underscores their commitment to technological innovation and excellence in developing their flagship software, PaleoScan™ - an AI-assisted cutting-edge seismic interpretation platform providing value to all stages of the subsurface workflow.

“With Vespa Capital's support, Eliis is enhancing its position as an independent player capable of proposing breakthrough innovations in a rapidly changing energy sector”, said CEO, Benoît Matha. “More than ever, we are determined to improve our knowledge of the subsurface. Leveraging the power of AI coupled with our core RGT technology, we aim to become a global seismic interpretation platform. By doing so, we will continue to help our customers and partners meet their subsurface challenges, particularly those related to CO2 storage.”

Eliis is poised for this new chapter with a robust executive team at the helm. This team is led by Fabien Pauget, Founder & President; Benoît Matha, CEO; Yann Delmas, CFO & General Counsel; and François Lafferrière, COO, supported by a dynamic Senior Management Team and their leading talents across the world.

In alignment with this growth, Eliis has announced new career opportunities as they continue to expand their team and capabilities.

Benoît Matha, CEO of Eliis, concluded with heartfelt thanks to clients and the company's dedicated team, expressing, “Eliis would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to our clients worldwide for their long-standing trust and to our dedicated team whose innovative efforts in software development continue to set industry standards.”

About Vespa Capital

Founded in 2009, Vespa Capital is an independent investment fund managed by entrepreneurs known for its strong commitment to supporting high-growth companies.

About Eliis

Eliis provides competitive and integrated seismic interpretation software that enables energy companies to achieve successful subsurface investigations, create new opportunities for energy supply enhancement and de-risk the decision-making process. PaleoScan™’s cutting-edge technology, used for the detection and characterization of geological reservoirs at an unprecedented level, is a key asset for accelerating E&P workflows and limiting environmental risk. Our mission is to provide sustainable and affordable subsurface energy solutions to cover the world’s ever-growing energy demand.

For more information about Eliis and career opportunities, please visit www.eliis-geo.com

We are deeply thankful for the dedication and expertise of the advisors to this operation — VOLT Associés, Oderis, AGIL'IT, RSR Conseil, EIGHT ADVISORY, SQUARENESS, EY Société d'Avocats, Subirats Avocat, and KPMG Avocats. Their guidance has been pivotal in structuring our new shareholding framework with VESPA Capital, ensuring a smooth and successful transition for Eliis.

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