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10 facts to know about Marcus

10 facts to know about Marcus

1. Early life

I was born in the periphery of Rio de Janeiro, close to the rural side and far from the town. As a child living in the suburb of Rio de Janeiro, all I wanted was a promising future. The combination of nature, science and technology brought me to Geology, this beautiful profession that I am very proud of.

2. Current location

I live close to the town and, at the same time, close to one of the biggest urban forests in the world, Tijuca Forest.

3. Education

I completed a University degree in geology from the Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro in 2007 and I started to work straight away. At this period it was easy to find a job, you could kneel and pick a job like you would have picked a stone. In 2017, I went back to University and started an executive master degree in Environmental management from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, focusing on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) which brought me a holistic view of what is coming next.

Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro
Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro

4. Professional life

I have started working with mining, but just after I migrated to the oil and gas industry, working in offshore rigs while drilling. The technology part was missing to fulfill my interests, that's why I decided to work with seismic interpretation, since 2009. All my studies after graduation was related to basins analysis, oil and gas prospect evaluation and reservoir characterization. With the energy transition that we are facing, due to Global Warming, my professional goals have gotten wider and I choose to broaden my knowledge on CCS technology and opportunities, to connect what we know with what we need.

5. Eliis life

I joined Eliis in february 2019 as Senior Geologist. I am responsible for PaleoScan software evaluations around Latin America, customer support, training and new ventures development. Working at Eliis, gives me the opportunity to deal with a great variety of fields, with different objectives and several working environments. Eliis brings me the opportunity to project myself into the future. I really believe in our team and our product. With PaleoScan I can explore seismic data in a way that I couldn't even imagine before. I have access to a huge variety of data, challenges and professionals with different backgrounds. PaleoScan is changing the market, one day nobody is going to think about doing their old traditional seismic interpretation, and it won’t take long. 

Always looking ahead, we are building our path to a cleaner industry as well, combining our expertise with new kinds of demand. Geologists, more than ever, needs to be multidisciplinary. We need to look to the market as we look to an outcrop, thinking out of the box, with different approaches and as a team. As long as I can provide knowledge, inspiring new generations, I can say that I'm a successful professional.

6. What is your super power?

I am good at motivating people and I am also a good explorer.

7. What challenge did you overcame?

I struggled with the difficulty to study in a federal university, especially because my family was not able to afford a good education background. 

8. What's your main hobby?

Whenever I can, I drive away for a hiking trip and I always mix it with a bit of gastronomy tourism. 

9. What is your motto?

"Start where you are, use what you have , do what you can". 

10. Fun Fact!

I look tall at pictures, but actually I am only 1,66 m!

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