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Eliis and the BRGM join forces to accelerate the evaluation of CO₂ Storage potential in France

Eliis and the BRGM join forces to accelerate the evaluation of CO₂ Storage potential in France

Eliis and the BRGM join forces to accelerate the interpretation of the PilotSTRATEGY project’s seismic data for evaluation of CO₂ Storage potential 

Montpellier, France – Avril 7, 2023 – Eliis, an international software in seismic interpretation and geoscience services provider, and the BRGM*, the French geological survey, signed an agreement formalizing the parties ‘collaboration in interpreting a 111 km2 3D onshore seismic data acquired in spring 2022 and located 60 km SE of Paris, in the Brie-Nangissienne community of municipalities, as part of their CO₂ storage sites identification campaign carried for the Horizon Europe PilotSTRATEGY project. The agreement signed between the BRGM and Eliis will strengthen their scientific partnership and enable greater synergy between their complementary knowledge and skills on technologies applied to subsurface issues, in order to provide high-quality geological study of the targeted area and highlight efficient integrated workflow for CO₂ site characterization. The result of this joint endeavour in the Paris Basin will directly feed into the PilotSTRATEGY recommendations and roadmaps

 “Through this collaboration, we are committed to actively support the BRGM projects by leveraging Eliis’ cutting-edge technology and domain expertise to fully reveal the Paris Basin CO storage potential in deep saline aquifers” noted Eliis’ CEO Benoît Matha.

About BRGM

The BRGM  is France’s leading public institution for Earth Science applications for the management of surface and sub-surface resources.

For more information, please visit www.brgm.fr/en.

About Eliis

Eliis is a French-based company who provides a competitive and integrated seismic interpretation software that empowers energy companies to achieve successful 2D and 3D subsurface investigations, create new opportunities for energy supply enhancement and de-risk the decision-making process. Eliis’ mission is to provide sustainable and affordable subsurface energy solutions to cover the world’s ever-growing energy demand.

Through the PaleoScanTM platform, geoscientists can rapidly and efficiently screen through an entire seismic cube, seamlessly analyze digital data and create high level subsurface geological models, which makes PaleoScan™ is a key asset for accelerating E&P workflows and limiting environmental risk. 

For more information, please visit www.eliis-geo.com.

* Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières

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